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Were gonna walk around this town like we own the streets... [26 Jun 2004|09:27am]
[ mood | dorky ]

Yesterday, instead of doing anything that i planned, i went to the diner w/ kim and juan and then difus came and they thought i was cool.. and they made me bring them to my room and they searched it (ha.. i hide stuff very well) and then they saw my guitar and made me play and blah blah blah...

moving on.. me and my mommmy went to the mall so i can find a shirt for today, which I did but my mom wouldnt let me get it b.c it makes my boobs loook TOOO big (she said that.. i think they look pretty) n e way, she agreed to take me today. then when we got back we decided to go to best buy and i got a new phone and the new Modest Mouse cd <33. wow, its a really funny cd. ha.

ok.. and today.. is... CIVIC TOUR.. YAY !!!!!
i get to see Dashboard Confessionals ! the Get Up Kids !!! and ThricE !i hope the kids that i met @ blink are gonna be there _ they were awesome.

Im out like a rockstar <3 leave love

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[25 Jun 2004|05:44pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Jess is ______.
Jess thinks ______.
I want Jess to ______ me.
If I were alone in a room with Jess I would ______.
I think Jess should ______.
Jess needs ______.
Jess reminds me of ______.
I want to buy ______ for Jess.
If I could describe Jess in one word it would be ______.
Jess will never ______.
Jess can ______.
I hope Jess ______.
I ______ Jess because ______.
The best thing about Jess is ______.
The worst thing about Jess is ______.
I am ______ to Jess.
Jess is my ______.
To make Jess better when she is sick, I will ______.
Everyone ______ Jess.
I would never ______ Jess.
Jess is ______ like a ______.
Jess puts too much pride towards ______.
I am ______ with Jess.
My favorite body part on Jess is her ______.
If I had a nickname for Jess it would be ______.
I would love to spend ______ with Jess.
If there was one thing I would say to Jess right now it would be ______.
Jess is a bad ______.
Jess sucks at ______.
Jess is good at ______.
Jess has the worst ______.
Jess can always ______.
I will never ______ with Jess.
I can’t help but ______ Jess.
I want to ______ Jess.

Fill it out, leave it as a comment <3 love ya

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[25 Jun 2004|03:09pm]
[ mood | blah ]

ok.. im home on a friday. there are absolutly NO busses that can get to Rockaway b4 6, so that sucks. im gonna probobly go hang out in morristown, my mom said it kinda looks like Park Ave in rutherford , so it might be interesting. i just gotta find a bus that goes there .. blahhh.. ok. im out.

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to every broken heart in here.... [21 Jun 2004|07:34pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

yeah change of plans. i couldnt get a hold of mush. i dont know her number =[ >> ill probobly call lexi or something tomorrow.

anyway.. today im goin to play man hunt at johnnys house w/ mike, paul, stephan, kim and whoever else is going. the only reason im going is to hang out with mike. i fucking hate that game.

_ ok.. im gonna go get ready. leave some love.

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i need the taste of summer.. i need its noises in my ears [21 Jun 2004|12:12pm]
[ mood | okay ]

its not summer unless i hang out with Michelle. and of course i need to meet her boyfriend. god.. its been forever since ive talked to her.which sucks.. shes basically one of the reasons i wanted to move.. b.c i thought i couldnt live in the town w.o her.. but im more upset now b.c i dont even talk to her anymore, and im around people in this new town that im not connected to like her, except for mike. he knows more about me then myself, which was how it was with Mush. but im still different in this town, more mellow and quiet, and i feel like im not myself.. mike says its better when im more mellow, but........ idk.

anyway.. im gonna maybe throw a really small party tonight w/ some people from east rutherford and of course mushy. if my mom feels like giving people a ride.

anyone from whippany/cedar knolls is welcome to come

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Cross your heart and pray the ocean will take us all the way in. [20 Jun 2004|11:25pm]
[ mood | awake ]

hello again. this time im really staying i promise. i havent updated in forever because we were getting out of school and preparing for summer.. which is going sooo well already. thursday we graduated then came back to school the next day for yearbooks and tassels and breakfast (which we didnt get) anyway.. friday was also tonys party which was amazing. it was @ obsessions night club.. yeah, first club ive been to since the Groove burnt down. moving on.. saturday me and kim went to pauly and stiffys house. im inlove with their family. they are so cute, lol.they had johnny macs dad's band playing and then johnnys brother and p&s aunt made speaches and i almost died laughing.. it was adoreable. then we played man hunt <2 then just hung out.

today i went to six flags and got hit on by black kids.

oh.. and we threw pennys at jews.

too bad paul wasnt there.

hes a jewbagel

_jess (dont forget to comment)

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[14 May 2004|11:50pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i swear i wasnt gonna update again but something about chris's journal made me wanna update again..

so anyway today school was cool b.c we didnt have to go any classes bc it was annefrank day so we got to watch a lady pretend she was jewish and talk to the TV. hehe. and then i ate yummy pizza then we hung out and i went home and broke the vacume and mommy wasnt too happy so i couldnt go out. so tomorrow im going to virginia and its gonna be interesting.

-- jess..

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[25 Apr 2004|06:21pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

so0 i didnt go to the garfield show b.c jamie somehow convinced me to stay in rutherford which was a good move considering Patent Pending was there. They are an amazing band that have so much energy and got me in the pit and also got me to skank. haha yeah it was funny but anyway during the show Patent Pending decided to make people play Musical Chairs in the mosh pit and we went around the 7 chairs skanking.. then after a while i was amazed b.c i was winning (of course after kicking a kid off the seat and stealing it) and then it was me and this one kid left and we had to go infront of everyone where the band was playing to do jumping jacks.. man that was embaressing.. but in the end i won b.c the i had more friends then he did cheering for me. BOOYA ! yeah so i won a sweatshirt and a DVD. OH YEAH. I ROCK ! tHEN i met a gay kid and tried to hook him up with Norman. <3 omq. it was so cute. lol

OKAY.. well.. i didnt get my hair cut this weekend b.c my mom has no money. MEANWHILE.. shes at the mall buying shit. i hate her. but she is letting me get my lip, ear (an orbital WOOT!) or my bellybutton (lower part b.c its already pierced) pierced. comment on which one.

you guys are my sex gods.


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[24 Apr 2004|03:03pm]
i didnt go to the movies last night.. accually i stayed home and did nothing and went to bed early. today im goin to the garfield show even tho i wanna be with kelly and my sexy rutherford men ;].. i promised people i would go to garfield. btw im pmsing this week .. and i hate everyone. sorry if i was gay. or am gay. and i know u want to hear all this. but anyhow. show will be fun either way. but im kinda broke so i need to go steal sum money from my mom.. i think i have 5 but its 10. yeah w.e im goin to warp tour this year i think.. yeah if anyone wants to come tell me and ill buy extra tickets.

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[23 Apr 2004|06:48pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

hmm.. its friday. im going to the movies with kim.
lemme think. theres a show today, but im not going
its in montclair.. i miss my friends from montclair.

ANYWAY.. theres a show in Garfield and Rutherford tomorrow but i am going to Garfield b.c tommy is gonna be there and a bunch of others (Jamie. Mel. Bri. Rob. ect.) nnnnd yeah... The Search Engine and The Sleeping are playing = Love. These bands are awesome nd i cant wait. im cutting my hair short.. and dying it black.. comment on if i should or not.

how do i put pictures on here ? comment.

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[22 Apr 2004|12:21pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

yeah.. im at TOYS R US for bring ur kids to work day.
im just that cool.
my mom is too cause she works here.

anyhow. i almost killed a kid b.c i wanted a stuffed animal dog that they were giving out and i was like "can i have it" and he looks at me and walks away.

fucking kids.

hes just gonna kill it anyway..

i would love it.

but anyway.. the kids really pissed me off b.c all they were doing was yelling so i went outside and smoked and came back in and met these girls Samantha and Sarah. Supercool people who live in paramus and im gonna take them to shows in east rutherford bc they have never been to one there. they havnt really left their town but anyway.. they are like awesome and they are having lunch but i wasnt in the mood to eat so i came here and am listening to music nd enjoying not having school. na na na na poo poo. yeah sarahs brother is really hott.. hes like a hollister boy. woot. yeah im gonna see if she wouldnt mind me hooking up with him ... lol. yeah anyhow. this whole fucking month im like grounded bc of the gay grades. im gonna miss going to shows and seeing my favorite people in the world. so my life is gonna be boring and im gonna have to be friends with.. whippinans. (kool word for u fucks who dont even deserve it) im like typing and not even know what im saying. so im gonna go cause im scaring myself. bye. comment u faggots.

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[20 Apr 2004|07:37pm]
yeah so im checkin out how cool live journal is.. its not much different but i think im gonna jus stick with this one. anyhow..

im like grounded for a million years bc of my grades. they were C,C,C,C,B, and U (unsatisfactiory) thats not that bad... what ever my mom is gay

comment if u wanna be cool and my friend. <3

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